Oct 30, 2018 Apple Event Streaming Thread

I’m flirting with the idea of the larger iPad. And yes it’s because I want to be the large iPad guy :crazy_face:

I just bought a car…

Just going to look at this stuff with envy…


I’m sort of in the same boat now. I’ve watched every keynote for the last 4 or so years (live) or followed it on Twitter if I wasn’t able to watch live, but I have to admit during the most recent iPhone Keynote, I spent more time screwing around on Twitter than actually watching the event itself.

The display on my 2016 MBP just took a nosedive, so now I’m curious about what new laptop will be coming out tomorrow and if I’ll want to move to it or just stick with my MBP (after I’ve had it repaired).

These events are almost as expensive as the recent 30 for 30 episode.

@MacSparky talking about the iPad pro helped me make the decision to get one last year.

Living in the UK meant I Went even further than @katiefloyd to buy my kit.

I went from NI to NY apple store to buy my pencil

Looking forward to Tuesday’s announcement - and a macmini is a must this time around.

but from here in UK we don’t see anything until late Afternoon.

Weird for me at 7AM. Means I’ll have to push my morning hike until alter in the day. Right now the sun is just coming out here at 7AM in sunny SoCal.

Midnight in Australia, @MacSparky! Early bed for me!

What also strikes me as odd is that they developed this great Steve Jobs theater and only the iPhone keynote happens there (at least for now anyway). It would be great to see them use it for at least a couple events a year there.

I don’t think that the Steve Jobs theater is used for public events only. Maybe, they use it as a high end company cinema. :laughing:

Honestly, I am curious about today’s event. They definetly have a reason to go to New York into the Brooklyn Academy of Music. There has to be a connection to this place. An Academy of Music and 370 logos for the event could mean a heavy focus on creating stuff on the iPad and apparently on the Mac. If there weren’t so many rumours about new Macs I would have been sure that this is only a “little” iPad event.

10am ET is a weird time, especially given the fact that the US are still on daylight savings time and Europe is not. It means that we in Europe are at work at 3pm. :slight_smile: 10am PT under regular circumstances means that we in Europe are able to watch keynotes on 7pm.

Hopefully, Apple will be fast to offer the recording of the keynote for streaming…

I shall be watching from the sofa on the big screen through the AppleTV app surrounded by snacks whilst waving my Apple flag and wearing my big foam Apple finger.



The Apple Store just went down ahead of the keynote


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In good news, this afternoon’s meeting that was scheduled during the keynote has been cancelled! So I’ll be able to watch live which is always more fun.


What? :fearful: Ok, reading again.

Phew! :smile:


@Christian , Read that exactly the same way!

…Academy of Music… :pensive:

bidding farewell to iTunes??

Like when they booked the Academy of Photography to announce they were stopping sales of Aperture. :smirk:

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What I’m hoping for in today’s event (and looking to spend on):

  1. I’m hoping for a new laptop WITHOUT any sort of butterfly keyboard that can replay my 13’ MacBook Air.

  2. New updated AirPods

  3. Updated AppleTV

A new Mac Mini would mean I get an to upgrade my work computer from the really slow 2012 Mac Mini. :crossed_fingers:


My fingers are crossed that we see a new version of the Apple Pencil that provides the ability to quickly switch between modes, like pencil and eraser. I originally thought that this would require a button, but the latest rumors of tap and swipe gestures on the Pencil itself make me hope that Apple figures out a more elegant solution.


I think a new pencil is likely. I also think a new price is likely. I would not be surprised by a USD$169 price tag for a newly revised Apple Pencil.

Do we think iPad Pros will be USB-C?

I just don’t see the upside to changing for Apple.