October 13, 2020 Apple Event

What are your Expectations!!!

Probably the new iPhone 12. Anybody think there’s going to be a fourth camera? :rofl:

Here’s hoping for ARM MacBooks though.

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Phones and A14 chips. What else would “Hi, Speed” be about? Something new - design. Something fast.

It seems early for ARM-based Macs, as developers haven’t had ARM-based machines very long.


Still hoping though :rofl:

My iPhone X is on its last legs, the lightning connector is broken. Thankfully I can still wirelessly charge. Battery is worn out etc etc.
Cant wait to order the new iPhone 12. This time with the upgrade program.

Hoping for a USB C connector…

Some media sites said 5G but I honestly don’t think Apple will have a 5G phone when the telcos are not ready. A14 chips, yes. Arm Mac, maybe.

iPhone 12/A14 for sure. All previous leaks I have seen (probably most of you too) suggest it will be 5G ready.

Other rumored possibilities - an A14 refresh for the 2020 iPad Pro, next gen HomePod, and/pr AirPods Studio (or whatever final name is given to the over-the-ear headphones).

Outside chance of a 13” MacBook Pro with Apple silicon, but I really don’t expect that until next Spring.

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The rumours are 4 new phones. iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 (Max?) IPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 pro max.

Also new over ear headphones and a new smaller HomePod.

Hopefully they’ll also demo an apple silicon mac.

Telcos are ready (or swiftly getting there) in some major markets.

I know there won’t be ARM Macs. I can’t help but hope though, I want them so much! (A Mac with integrated LTE and the battery life of an iPad…)

I will probably settle for the headphones out of spite :grin:

HomePod mini!! That way I can ditch my kids Echo Dots and go all out with HomeKit.

For a massive premium :wink:

I’ve held off on HomePod because of the price. Cheaper would be better, so long as the quality is good. The Quality I’ve heard from Echos and Google Home are not good enough when I can get a far richer sound from an Anker Bluetooth speaker.

I want to see a HomePod mini.

So the leaks out there seem to confirm it’s just new iPhones and HomePod Mini.

I am holding out for is a new Apple TV even though none of the leaks suggested. That said there are some interesting bread crumbs that gives me hope.

https://twitter.com/rsgnl/status/1316029306947145728 (this summarized his thoughts but he broke out earlier his reasoning)

Glad I controlled my itch to buy another set of HomePods. But, because sound quality – will need to wait and see.

HomePod mini with intercom! Good bye Alexa!

Does it have all the integrations and partners Amazon has?

Not that I’m much of a gamer, but am I being too cynical by taking an “I’ll believe it when I see it” attitude toward game announcments?

I’m still waiting for Galaga AR…

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I don’t think so. It sounds like just support for Apple services and HomeKit, which is all I need. I will have to see how it works for a kids account before I go all in though.