October 2019 Sales and Hardware/Software Deals

Turn your trackpad into a MIDI controller with AudioSwift, which can let the trackpad act as a trigger for beats or an XY controller, or a keyboard with aftertouch (if the trackpad has Force Touch). The app’s regular price is $24 but it is 30% off with coupon code GOLDENFROG30 until October 31, 2019.

(There’s also a 15-day full-version trial for the app.)

More here:


Anker 60W [PowerIQ 3.0 & GaN] USB C Charger, on sale today for $27.89 on Amazon in white. (Black charger remains priced at $41.99)

Inpaint, a Mac app which lets you remove objects from photos, is currently 99¢. (It swings between $0.99, $4.99, and $19.99, but was last as this price 18 months ago).

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£19.99 in the uk store :frowning:

There are two “Inpaint” apps by them listed in the US MAS - v.6 is $19.99 but the current,slightly different-named v.7 (with a different icon) is $0.99 in the US, at least. So do a search on “inpaint” and see if the newer version is also on sale in your store.


USA Mac App Store Inpaint 6 ($19.99) vs Inpaint (version 7, 99¢)

Found it, thanks for that :slight_smile:

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I realize it’s not a straight-up “sale”, but VMWare is discounting VMWare 11.5 for current owners of Parallels v14. So instead of upgrading to Parallels v15, you can basically get VMWare for a few bucks less.



Notability for iOS just went on sale 25% off. Great note-taking app, especially for students.

All versions of Things 3 are on sale:

  • Mac: $35
  • iPad: $14
  • iPhone: $7

I have all 3 versions of Things 3 and I highly recommend this minimalist but great GTD app!

I’m tempted by the Things sale. I’m a long term OmniFocus but for the last year or two I’ve found myself more and more frustrated with it, especially the iPad app. I do wonder though if Things 4.0 is on its way.


PayPal’s digital_gifts subsidiary is again offering $100 iTunes gift cards for $85. Email delivery, USA only.

(When took this offer earlier in the year and redeemed it to my account, Apple offered me a deal for one-year of Apple Music at a $100 discounted rate. Since I’d only paid $85, and was already an AM customer, I jumped at the deal to extend my subscription at the effective rate of $7/month. However: the next time I applied a $100 gift card I was not offered that deal.)

FWIW, the time between Things 2 and Things 3 was something like 5 or 6 years. They don’t have a history of rapid releases just to make money.

Doesn’t look like it. They said in a blog post that if macOS can to past version.9 then they can too.

That looks like a great deal but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be global. Here in India both the apps are priced at Rs 1,599 (around USD 22).

Usually $40, the Twelve South Compass 2 for iPad (‘optimized for 9.7-inch iPad and all generations of iPad Air and iPad mini’), in black, dropped to $14.90, with same-day shipping.

The Acorn image editor is on sale for another week.


Cryptomator for iOS is $4.99 (almost 50% off).

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Looked mildly interesting but with no mac app it’s hard to see the benefit over something like OneDrive personal vault or pClouds crypto drive - which are basically the same.

Cryptomator has a Mac app and its free: https://cryptomator.org/

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