Odd Pages Update?

Like Apple Insider, I’m confused by the stated new feature in Pages.

Pages has three updates:

Use mail merge to quickly create personalized letters, cards, and envelopes for multiple recipients

Select from stylish new templates for event invitations and students certificates

Export your Pages documents as TXT files

Of these, really only the first is significant. Pages users have previously had to create Automation workarounds to achieve mail merge features, for instance.

Whereas Pages has long been able to export what it calls Plain Text files, as opposed to RTF, Word or Pages. So it isn’t clear what difference this makes. [emphasis added]

How is this:

different than this, which is prior to an update?

Oh, I see. Strange. :slightly_smiling_face:

I haven’t done a mail merge in forever. So people still print out letters and mail them?

I recently used Pages to create letters that I exported to pdf and emailed. This worked well.