Odd Previews of JPG files

I’m working on scanning slides. The system I’m using uses a DLSR to take a picture. There is a package provided by the folks that made the system that removes the black borders that result from the overscan of the actual slide image area. Upon running that tool some very few of the new files show corrupted previews. I can open the file sin Preview and they are ok. The previews look ok on Linux Machines.

Should I worry about this and try to fix it or is it just a Mac creation of preview glitch?

I am saving the modified files in a similar folder structure but in another location. Attached are screen shots of the original as scanned files and then the modified one showing the preview issue.

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Do the images look OK outside of Preview – in a dedicated photo editing program?

Yes, in Photoshop they are fine and the also import fine into LightRoom.

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