Odd Share sheet issue

After many around the iOS/Mac universe said good things about Good Links I bought the app tonight to replace Instapaper. On my iPhone it shows up in the share sheet on both Safari and Reeder. On my iPad it is nowhere to be found! I know it uses some AI magic now on what apps to show you, but this is the first time I have run into the issue.

Anyone figure anything like this out yet?

Well I just created a quick shortcut that does the same, so takes care of the issue. Still something I wish there was a way to handle!

You can still customize the share sheet just like in iOS 13.

Yes… but what apps are available is picked by Apple. You don’t see all the apps. This is true in iOS 13/14.

“The list is controlled by Machine Learning and so in theory only shows you what apps you could want. In practice, it will be what apps support the document you’re trying save, which is useful.”

Might just be something weird, but the shortcut does the same action for now!

Scroll all the way to the right, choose “More” and then edit the list to include whatever apps you want.

I did that, and it’s not there! Oddly when I select some apps off in that list they still show up next time too.

Not sure what to tell you. For me, all the apps that can accept whatever it is I’m sharing show up in that More list. If I want them to be immediately available, I move them into the Favorites section, after which they always appear in the share sheet first (all the way to the left) in the order I picked whenever I share the same type of item.

What happens for you if you put Good Links at the top of your favorites list in your share list? (And if it’s working on your phone, maybe you just need a restart of the iPad?)

I’m with @HellsKitchenDweller. Why, for example, is Instapaper available on most news sites, but not on a select few? It may just be a case of using “machine learning” that’s not ready for prime time, but I’ve always suspected that Apple can be persuaded to limit the use of some apps on the share sheet.

It is not showing up to add to favorites. Maybe an iPad restart will do it!

Restarting iPad fixed it… not used to that being a thing on iOS after being trained to do that on desktop machines. Thanks to those who recommended that!

Now instead of starting new thread, those reading this. Anyone have a fav reading app that you can use your Apple Pencil with to highlight?