Odd "To Do List" question... "Nibble away at larger tasks?"

Hi everyone!

Is there an app that allows one to “nibble away” at larger tasks without perhaps the “time-suck” needed to manage some of the large to-do and project management programs?

I’ve tried OmniFocus and it seemed like far too much “horsepower” (too many features for me and no simple path to what I wanted). Felt like I spent more time beating OF into submission and less time actually working on the things I wanted to do!!

Not fond of monthly subscriptions. Am ok with paying for a good app(!). Would, of course need it to work [and synch] on phone and computer, etc.

I don’t think I’ll need to assign tasks to anyone. Not yet at least.

I’m frustrated by a million, “This is due now!” (or past due) notices, when I know the task I’ve captured can’t be “done” until I do some sub-tasks.

That speaks to my not currently using sub-task planning because no app has (yet) spoken to me/felt natural in that area.

I wouldn’t mind if I could add importance levels (and some deadlines) to help sort and prioritize things.

Do any apps shift priorities of the sub-tasks based on time-of-day? AND can they increase item importance based on quarterly or monthly deadlines?

For example (part 1): It’s morning, Make these calls/send these emails … It’s afternoon, post this update, do this follow-up, coordinate-x … It’s time to wrap-up, sort out what you need to coordinate, have ready for tomorrow [plus, have you blocked out 3 hours for reading due by Sat. eve?] … It’s evening, you wanted to watch this documentary…

For example (part 2), “It’s mid-month, have you worked on month-end info. for volunteer-group” and “Four weeks left in Q1, time to post recruiting info. for volunteer group!”

At the moment, I’m using a combination of the Reminders app, for grocery lists and a long-to-do summary and now Notes to sub-categorize some important to-do items by category. Plus some calendaring.

Would love to tag, sort by role and perhaps location or “work mode”.

What do you all think?

Thank you!


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Simply, I like “Things” and have settled on it. Used OmniFocus for many years. Tried to use Reminders (to avoid buying yet more software).

For me, Things best point is that any un-done tasks that have dates set, e.g. simply move forward every day automatically until either I change the date to beyond “today”, or check-done the task. Much better than OmniFocus’s way of handling un-done tasks.

I now notice many of these tasks I think are the “nibble away” tasks that @TimInHouston is referring to.

Things also has more than sufficient ability to integrate with Calender, tags, notes under tasks, IOS/OSX synch, etc.

A keeper for me.