Office desk setup

Massively jealous of all your home setups and nice wood desks… here is my rather bland desk layout which changes every few months when I get itchy feet!



There is something to be said for the value of functional, I am personally jealous of your mounted whiteboard


I’ve just installed monitor arms upon my desk which will mean no more stands. Back in the office Thursday so shall hopefully upload an updated pic :+1:t2:


Monitor arms installed and I’m very happy!


James_R -
Can you tell about the desk and your monitor arms? I am looking for a new setup and like this.

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You know, that setup has one thing going for it that a lot of those fancy minimalist setups don’t have:

It looks like you actually do work at it! :sunglasses:

Sadly being in a rather large building I have no sway in the choice of desk etc… the monitor arms are now in use by another staff member since we moved office last year and my new desk wouldn’t take the arms… :frowning:


Home setup now in full swing. Rather limited in space but productive none the less. Desk £40 from IKEA.