Office/home office phone service. RingCentral? Nextiva? Jive?

What do you use for business phone service? I have some voip lines through vonage, but I know there are better options out there. Any good experiences to show? RingCentral seems to be the biggest, but I’m not sure they’re the best. In addition to the cool app-based features, I want a phone at my desk. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Ring Central is has a good rep for small businesses needing VoIP/teleconferencing. But I also know someone who was using Oomo and liked it. Is there anything about Vonage’s business solutions you don’t like? (I had Vonage for personal use for several years, dropped it only because I finally felt comfortable enough with cell-only.)

I used Vonage up to about 5 years ago – for business and personal, and it was very good, reliable, and with good quality – but the iPhone is just so all-around solid for all sorts of voice use cases, that that’s all we use.

Ring Central ended up being a royal pain in the ass for us. I switched everyone over to and it has worked great with ip-phones and has good pricing plans. The app “works” but receiving calls is very hit/miss and notifications is really terrible. I setup the service to send me an email for missed calls and messages received. The email does attach the voicemail which is nice.