OK giving Noteplan another go

I just keep coming back to this as a solution I like, just got to sort out my recurring tasks (trying reminders app) and looking at available plugins

Sunday is looking like a fun day😀


Ive gone back to NP3 for past 2 months and loving it (tried most every other app out there over past 20 years) . I really like that items are added to the daily note - ideas and tasks either get migrated - or not. Some tasks and thoughts die a natural death - fleeting ideas that seemed like a great idea at the time - or tasks which are no longer relevant. Of course some tasks get migrated on a daily /weekly basis. I was on Things 3 for many years. Great great app - but for me - I found that tasks would accumulateif I didn’t keep on top of daily processing rigorously!

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I keep my tasks in NotePlan (using Inbox, Next Actions, Waiting For, and Someday/Maybe documents) but I keep my recurring tasks in the Due app on my iPhone (although there is also a Mac version of the Due app that syncs).

EDIT TO ADD: I should also mention that I use a Keyboard Maestro macro to load starting text into each day’s Daily Note which includes, among other things, my non-time-dependent repeating tasks.

Thanks for the info, I am trying routine business tasks like “review domain renewals “ and personal repeating tasks into reminders which get pulled into Noteplan.

The client repeating tasks like send annual hosting invoice I am planning to put in the clients main NP note.

Not considered KBM as yet need to investigate NP templates a bit first I think