Old Air doesn't seem to be able to download developer tools

I’ve got an old Air (2014 I think, with macOS 11.6.8) which I want to use for some stuff and to set it up for these things I wanted to get Python 3 up and running. Being lazy I thought I would use the ‘command line developer tools’ - I want git etc also - so after typing ‘python3’ I get the suggestion to download the ‘command line developer tools’ and I tell it to go ahead and then … not much happens. The progress dialog opens, after clicking the license agreement, and it moves to about 1/5 and then it sits there saying “Finding Software”.

I’ve let it sit there for hours but nothing seems to happen. Just for fun I open the software update and it looks like it’s checking for updates but nothing seem to happen there either. App Store works perfectly, and nothing else seem to have a problem.

Any idea what might be causing this? Suggestions for fixing it?

(I assume I can download Python3 from python.org or use brew, but now I’m curious what the problem could be)

I vaguely remember that I had a similar problem. I think I concluded I needed to download an older version, and was able to find it on Apple’s site with a little searching.

You want XCode 13.2, here is a table showing which version of macOS is needed for each version:

And this page has all the versions to download:

Thanks, that seems to solve my problems

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