Old Apple ID content

My wife gets this message every time she gets a new iPhone or does a restore. It’s from an old iCloud account I used to have. She can skip it and it’s not a huge deal, but how can I find the app, video, audio, etc that would be the culprit?

You can login using that old account and see the apps you purchased in the App Store app.

I did try that, but when I log in with that Apple ID it says this Apple ID is not valid or not supported. I think it’s because it’s a gmail account but I converted my Apple ID over to iCloud way back when they first let you do that.

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I don’t think it’s that; my Apple ID is a Google Workspace account and it works OK. I suppose the old ID could have been purged though.

Maybe I need to contact Apple. It’s really a non-issue, just more of an annoyance not knowing what is causing it.

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This was a real issue for some people when converting an Apple ID from one type of email address to an iCloud address. I had this problem when AOL and Apple let you use a user name but not a full email address. Anything purchased under the prior account would want verification and then you got “account not valid or supported”. It took a while for Apple to figure it out.

Call AppleCare when you have a few hours free…


Surely if it was an app you use regularly, it wouldn’t be installed without authentication. But obviously something is hanging around in the background.

Is it possible your wife simply signed into your old phone with her Apple ID when she first got it? Sounds like it was not erased and set up as a new device at transfer time.

I agree. It’s probably something not used often that hangs around in the background

Why doesn’t she delete every app she hasn’t used in the past four to six weeks. The process will require her to think about each app and she can reinstall any she finds she needs later.

I normally do a clean install of all my devices every few years and some apps never get reinstalled. YMMV

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Another suggestion is to have her look at Purchased Music on her phone. Sometimes you can see it but it will not play until it is Authorized (ie: Password for the account it was purchased under is entered and verified.) This may need to checked in the iTunes/Music program on her computer and cross checked on the phone. Not a fast process… sorry!

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