Old boxed software

What are you doing with old (as in pre-OS X old) packaged software? Are you saving it (including the boxes)? Are there people collecting this?
I’m asking because I have here a.o. full boxed versions of RagTime and CodeWarrior Pro 4 which are taking space on my shelves. But throwing them in the bin doesn’t really feel good. Although I have no clue why I’m keeping it.


I know the feeling. Just managed to bin a lot of old install discs for what was once great software. I do not miss it :slight_smile:

If you don’t see them selling for anything on ebay I’d just donate them to a local Goodwill or library which would then sell them for whatever they could get.

I’m sure you could also eventually find a buyer, just as you could for an old buggy whip or a box of typewriter carbon paper, but you won’t get much, and the time spent would probably not be worth the effort.

There are people who collect the games, especially pre- OSX. Sometimes you just don’t want to use an emulator, and getting games off the Internet and on to a PowerPC or OS 9 or earlier Mac is labor intensive. I’ll pay a premium for in-box games to save me that time and hassle. In fact, I am looking lovingly right now at my boxed versions of NFL Challenge, Wizardry and Balance of Power. I would love to get a hold of copies of Xyphus, Lunar Rescue (only works on Mac monochromes), Solarian and the original Crystal Quest. If you have some interesting games, PM me. I might be interested in buying!

The only boxed game I have is Douglas Adams’ Starship Titanic, which I won’t sell as I’m a big fan of Adams. All other software is not that special (Norton Utilities version 5…), but well… it’s in a nice box.
@airwhale I guess you’re right. I should just bin it.

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I’m the same way. I just opened my desk drawer that is full of old floppies (plus a few CD-ROMS), half of which are installers for software of various types. I have no real use for them, but it just doesn’t feel right to toss em.

At home I even have a box somewhere with a bunch of old 8-inch floppies with software and data on them. Still can’t bring myself to toss 'em.

I just moved and cleansed my office from redundant stuff. Amoung it all the old and redundant software, including all the software tools to fix old Mac’s. No point in keeping it unless you want to keep old hardware and keep it a live.

Daniel Rose out in Idaho collects old tech hardware and software. He has a website danielsays.com and his collection is rather impressive. I discovered him in my old Windows days. His website software collection is a real trip down memory lane.