Old Email Account Recovery


So I’ve run into an issue that I never thought I’d have. I have some old online accounts that I’m trying to access and they are associated with my old gmail account that I used during HS and college. I slowly transitioned off this gmail account into my school email, which converted to a gmail account during my time in college, and finally a true personal email account. While I still had access to it and would periodically check it one day I realized I could not log into it and honestly just figured I didn’t really need it anymore. Well I’ve run into a couple issues where I have accounts associated with that email account and I’d like to keep them, if I could get into them. The issue is the original gmail account I had recovery account is a yahoo account I had prior to gmail. I’m pretty sure was hacked as for similar reasons none of my normal passwords at the time worked. Unfortunately for me that yahoo account has the old gmail account as its recovery email. Knowing that yahoo had a huge hack a couple years ago I was able to acquire the passwords for the yahoo account but unfortunately those do not work. But judging by some of the passwords associated with it, it appears someone has stole my account. So currently I’m SOL with utilizing any online accounts based on these two email addresses.

Has anyone ever had any luck getting into an old gmail or yahoo account that you no longer had access to any recovery methods.