Old iMac stuck on iCloud login/logout

I have an old 2012 iMac that I’m trying to remove my iCloud login from in order to give it to someone else, but I can’t seem to get it to logout from my account. Every time I try, it hangs for hours. I’m not sure what’s happening, but have speculated that it might be trying to sync iCloud Drive (I haven’t used this machine in several years). I have removed all other apps besides the built in ones and all I’m trying to do is logout and remove it from my iCloud account before nuking and paving it and handing it off. Has any one here encountered anything similar?

I have no experience with this issue but a Google search on “ icloud sign out taking forever” gives some interesting ideas.

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I’ve had this problem with a client’s computer. In this case, the problem was because the computer was running an older version of the operating system and it was having endless problems connecting with the Apple ID. Apple’s tech support couldn’t fix it without updating the Mac, which solved the problem.

So, if you’re running an older operating system, updating may fix it.

But if you’re going to wipe and reinstall, why bother logging out of iCloud? Just wipe and reinstall.

You should be able remove that computer from your Apple ID by logging into appleid.apple.com.


I am not at my computer to confirm but I have a recollection by logging into Apple ID account one can remove devices from access. maybe try that which avoids doing it from the old machine.

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I’m curious — will that also deauthorize iTunes on that particular system? Or maybe that won’t matter if I’m reformatting the drive? It’s been so long since I did a nuke-and-pave that I’ve forgotten all the details :laughing:.

Just for MPU forums future reference, I ended up discovering another quick terminal-based way of logging out:
$ defaults delete MobileMeAccounts

Dunno. I guess best advice is to read what it says. meantime you fixed so all well.

Seems to me there is a setting in Apple accounts to deauthorize all devices from iTunes. Do this on your current Mac and then go back to each current device and re-authorize them.

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Yes, as of this summer, Apple still has the original method for iTunes (Music) deauthorizing: remove all devices and re-add only the active ones. Seems rather ridiculous, but it’s probably tied into the legal side of music playback.

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