Old Mac, great buy!

Hello Everyone,
Back on Facebook I asked your help in regard to buying an old 2010 mac pro with 8 cores and 64GB RAM
Some people said it’s not a good buy because it’s old
Some people said it’s ok, but what about the price? (it was 800 USD)

A point of reference, I’m in Egypt, not in the US or Europe, and we don’t have apple stores here, the only thing related to Apple is a reseller in Cairo (not our city, we are in Alexandria) and this reseller does not provide any technical support, only retail.

I decided based on your recommendations that it does not suit my needs (it was an overkill), but I got it for our company’s graphic designer, and he loves it. He works with Adobe Creative Suite, Wacom tablet and I think Sketch

Just thought to give you some feedback, may be it’s not relevant to most of you, but our company’s graphic department loves is happy with it, and I’m happy that they are happy.


There a few resellers online refurbishing models like this one. I thought some months ago about having one put together but decided to keep waiting for the next iteration.