OLD MacBook found in closet--how to dispose/recycle?

So I’m doing some cleaning and I found a couple of old Mac laptops in a closet. One is a white, polycarbonate MacBook (probably circa 2007?). It has what looks like a MagSafe connector, but it’s very small and the MagSafe cables I have (for 2013 and 2021 MBPs) don’t fit it, so I can’t power it up at all, which means I have no way to erase it or make sure that there’s no personal data on it.

What is the best way to dispose of (or, better, recycle) this laptop? Find a friend with a sledgehammer?

Apple will probably recycle it for you.

Can open up the base and take the HDD out and destroy it separately?

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Good idea! Looks like I just need a very tiny Phillips-head screwdriver and I can probably get in there. Thanks!

The screws are likely not Phillips head. They are probably speciality “star” pattern screw heads.


On those models, if you remove the battery, the hard drive is just to the side. You can pop it out, connect it up to another Mac by a caddy and overwrite the HDD if you wish.

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I have done that on every laptop I or my familiy have ever owned. If you are recycling I am not sure you need to bother with the finesse of a specialist screwdriver. It is what claw-head hammers were invented for :slight_smile:

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