OLD MacBook found in closet--how to dispose/recycle?

So I’m doing some cleaning and I found a couple of old Mac laptops in a closet. One is a white, polycarbonate MacBook (probably circa 2007?). It has what looks like a MagSafe connector, but it’s very small and the MagSafe cables I have (for 2013 and 2021 MBPs) don’t fit it, so I can’t power it up at all, which means I have no way to erase it or make sure that there’s no personal data on it.

What is the best way to dispose of (or, better, recycle) this laptop? Find a friend with a sledgehammer?

Apple will probably recycle it for you.

Can open up the base and take the HDD out and destroy it separately?

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Good idea! Looks like I just need a very tiny Phillips-head screwdriver and I can probably get in there. Thanks!

The screws are likely not Phillips head. They are probably speciality “star” pattern screw heads.


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On those models, if you remove the battery, the hard drive is just to the side. You can pop it out, connect it up to another Mac by a caddy and overwrite the HDD if you wish.

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I have done that on every laptop I or my familiy have ever owned. If you are recycling I am not sure you need to bother with the finesse of a specialist screwdriver. It is what claw-head hammers were invented for :slight_smile:

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This covers everything from secure erasure to destruction with drills, nails, and hammers:


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