Older Dell Monitor with new M2 Mac Mini?

Has anyone connected a Dell Monitor to a MacMini?

I’ve got 2 Dell 24 inch P2415Q monitors. I am considering buying a new M2 MacMini to replace my aging 2013 iMac.

I’m confident I can get one of the monitors connected via the HDMI cable but not sure about how to connect the other one via Thunderbolt. Looking for anyone with experience of what specific cables or adaptors to buy.


I’ve typically connected these types of Dells with a USB-C-to-DisplayPort cable. This is the one I’ve bought in the past. It’s not a Thunderbolt connection.

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I have the exact same monitor hooked up to an M1 Macbook Air using a USB-C to Mini DisplayPort cable. This is the one I bought, but I’m sure most will do the job, just make sure it supports the highest Thunderbolt number possible.

Mine actually goes from a CalDigit Element Hub to the monitor, but I had it hooked up directly from the computer to the monitor before I got the hub.

So on a new Mac Mini would you plug it into the Thunderbolt port?

Yes–it looks like all the USB-C ports are Thunderbolt, sorry. I just meant that you could use a regular USB-C port if the Mac Mini had one.

So the question is would the cable still work in this case?

The cable will work. I’ve driven two Dell 4K displays and one LG 4k with the same cable for years, plugged into the side of MBPs and currently one into a Mac Mini.

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