Oldest Working iMac in the Forum?

This morning I took my daughter’s (formerly mine) 2011 27" iMac into the Apple Store because it stopped working. Logic board and video card are bad. A $1000 repair so I consigned it to to the Apple recycling program. As I’m pouring one out for that lovely iMac, I got wondering who on the forum is running the oldest iMac. If that may be you, go ahead and nominate your Mac in this thread. By “running”, I mean in daily operation.

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I hereby nominate my 27" iMac from late 2009. Running happily today, specially after an HDD to SSD transplant. A reliable, workhorse of a PC!

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Not the oldest, but I have a mid-2010 21.5" (iMac11,2) that’s still running well. Can’t get it upgraded past El Capitan, but so far that’s not a killer.

I have the 21.5" iMac of the same vintage. Works great.

My 2011 Mac mini recently kicked the bucket. I’ll pour one out along with you. :cry:

I replaced my dearly departed mini with the 2018 model. Curious what your plans are to fill the iMac shaped void in the Sparks household?

We have a 2008 iMac in the family that’s still being put to good use daily and running surprisingly well.

I recently bumped the memory up to its limit of 4GB and upgraded this iMac to the maximum OS it supports, Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan).

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My tangerine G3 works, but isn’t in daily operation, haha.

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Planning to stick a Mac mini in this G3, first have to find an LCD that fits :slight_smile:

My main computer at school is. 2007 iMac. I put in a SSD a few years ago, but it is my main machine. I use a 2011 iMac at home.

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That poor iMac has been murdered!

It was dead when a client dropped a bunch of old Mac’s and needed the drives destroyed. No need to waist time. Plastic was very brittle and breaking in pieces. This was the cleanest cadaver. Also no need to keep old non functioning junk. But I did want to do something with this iconic enclosure. I think the best honor is to put new organs in it and bring it back to live in the 21st century :wink:

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We also have a working 2009…though admittedly it is not being actively used by anyone. Has a slot in our Apple museum along with a vintage iPod.

Have a 2011 MacBook Pro that I’ve been using for web surfing. I put an SSD and an extra 8GB RAM (16 total) about 4-5 years ago, so I’m hoping it’s got at least another year or two. I occasionally use it for gaming (Portal 2 community maps are my addiction!)

iMac 27 2011
But I still have the original 15in MacBook Pro that still works but I hardly ever use. What’s the best way to put this beautiful machine to pasture? I Han onto it because I switched out the motherboard from an old used MacBook pro that was being sold as a pickup on eBay. It was one of the coolest things I’ve done. Ifixit came in super handy back then.

I was thinking of @ismh when I wrote “in daily operation”

Lawyers are the worst.


I have a 2007 iMac which is in regular use. I paid to have an SSD installed in it a few years ago and it just keeps going.

Since it is running El Capitan (latest available OS), I have it generate the file I need to build http://mas.luo.ma whenever I buy a new app from the Mac App Store, because after El Cap the MAS app no longer has the Debug menu.

It also has a full cache of my Dropbox folder courtesy of a 4TB external drive that’s attached to it.

I also used it today to update the GPS maps in my son’s car because it has Garmin Express installed.

I’m considering moving the ScanSnap Manager app to it also, which currently runs on my Mac Mini.

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My husband inherited my old 24" early 2008 iMac 5 years ago and it works just great. It does all he needs to do and is on El Capitan o/s

I have a 2003 iMac G3 that is in my fiber studio. I use it only to watch Craftsy classes but it is in active use.

Next oldest is a 2006 iMac that is the main scanning machine for the historical society glass plate negatives. I’ve got a workflow with it that is workingand until that project is done I don’t want to disturb it.

Oldest laptop running is a 2009 MacBook Pro that my husband now uses on Linux.

It’s not in daily operation (sorry/not-sorry for the off-tangent post), but I have a Bondi Blue iMac, yep an original, that has the added distinction of having been a prize I won in an online contest from Walt Disney Corp. First prize was a Buick, second was a family trip to WDW, and third was the iMac. Yeah, back then it felt like I won the grand prize :slight_smile: even though I was already running a Power Mac G3 (I think?) at the time.


I have a 2010 Core2Duo 13" MacBook Pro that I recently decided to put back into service as a home server. Upgraded with 16GB RAM and 128GB SSD, plugged in a 3TB raid and now it runs closed (using Insomnia) in the basement serving files and media, wirelessly backing up all our laptops, and continuously downloading my iCloud Photo Library originals. It was pretty slow but since the added RAM and SSD upgrade it has been working great!