OmniFocus 2 on Mac with OF 3 on iOS

I’ve got a bit of a dilemma right now. I do most of my work on my laptop especially OF. I’m in serious need though to improve my task management system because it’s become a mess.

I’m closer to buying McSparky’s new OF field guide to help but the issue is this. I feel like one big advantage for me will be the tags. However, I’m ashamed to admit that I’m still running El Capitan because of one piece of software. (Hard to call myself a Mac Power User with such an old OS!) So until I upgrade, I’m stuck with OF 2.

With the Pro versions of OF, if I upgrade to OF3 on iOS, what are the main problems I will have not having OF3 on the laptop?

Sooner than later, I will have to get to High Sierra or even Mojave but I’m not quite there yet. I think the combo of OF3 and Drafts will finally push me over. Quite honestly, I have no idea what I’m missing from features past El Cap, which is another huge question for another thread.

Any perspectives using the OF 3 perspective options will not show up in OmniFocus 2, and only the first tag will sync as the context. As of right now sync will work between the two though that may change.

Thanks, @RosemaryOrchard. I think it’s time to go get someone’s field guide!

I upgraded to OF3 on iOS as soon as it came out, and spent months running it on my iPad and OF 2 on the Mac. It worked just fine, with the caveats that Rosemary mentioned.

I found OF3 to be a significant improvement — so much so that I began using my iPad as my primary OF device. This was not a great solution for me (since I do most of my work on a Mac), but it got me through until the Mac version came out.

Thanks for these thoughts especially since you are a Mac user first like I am. Who knows, maybe it will make me use my iPad for more than just consumption.

I did a bunch of reading about the newest version of OF. In the Macstories OF iOS review, it mentioned that it had the capability to do repeating reminders, which I assume is very similar to The Due app, which I know a lot of us use. It’s not yet available on the Mac.

I forgot that had been rumored to have been a feature. This would allow me to move certain Due tasks over to OF which would be nice. Ideally, I would like to minimize apps although I think there would still be a benefit to using Due for certain things.

For you OF3 iOS users, can you enlighten me if these repeating reminders work well as a replacement for Due tasks? Again, not concerned about what should go where but just wondering if it works well in OF.

Repeating reminders aren’t yet available - though custom notifications are. You can set notifications for due and defer dates, relative to the due date, or at a fixed point in time. Notifications are still being worked on on the Mac as Mojave introduced a new notification system that Omni want to use.

Perhaps, I’m reading too much into this feature. This is from the article on Macstories for the iOS version.

“If you want a system that nags you until a particular task is done, you can create multiple reminders, spaced five or ten minutes apart, that won’t stop bugging you until you’ve marked the task complete.”

You can manually create those notifications but there’s no automatic way to do it. I have a feeling there was a miscommunication there based on the roadmap for OF vs the released version.

Do you know if there will be an automatic way (like Due) to do it based on the roadmap?

Disregard. I just found the roadmap. (I should’ve looked first before replying.) If I understand it, there will be functionality for repeated notifications.

“Finally, for those cases where there is something that really absolutely must get done now, without delay (like taking your medication), we’re adding a new type of repeating notification that will keep reminding you about a task every few minutes until you tell OmniFocus that you’ve completed that task.”