Omnifocus 3 for iOS - Completed tasks info (completion date)

Is there a way to see the completion date for every completed task in Omifocus 3 for iOS?
I know that this was not possible in Omnifocus 2 (response from Omni Group support; August 2017 attached below).

Hello Tomislav,

Thank you for reaching out to us, I’m sorry for the frustration here! The iOS version of OmniFocus does not provide the UI to see >the details you’re looking for. The Mac version of OmniFocus can show these details though, so if you use OmniFocus on a Mac, or >even just have access to a Mac for this instance- you could use the trial version to extract this data.

We do have a feature request to add a place to see, or modify the dates and times actions are marked complete on the iOS version of >OmniFocus. I’ll let the team know you would also like to see that added!

I’m sorry for any frustration this has caused! If you have any other questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. >We really appreciate your support!


April R.
Email Support Lead
Omni Group

I have set up custom perspective for completed tasks which groups them as follows:

  • Date completed: Today
  • Date completed: Yesterday
  • Date completed: Last week
  • Date completed: September
  • Date completed: August…
  • etc…

I’d like to see the exact completion date for each of the tasks, particularly for some of my repeating tasks.


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I’d like to edit completion date in iOS in addition to viewing it but was told by Omni this isn’t possible. Really disappointed not included in v3.

I like to keep my completion dates accurate for reporting but don’t always remember to check off on the day. This means my weekly review needs to be performed on my Mac.

IT really is disappointing that this wasn’t added to v3. I was hoping they would implement this option, especially when they kind of implied that in my email correspondence with the customer support in July last year.

I sent in a support request, and got this reply from OmniFocus support:

We recently added the ability to see and edit the Completed date for items in OmniFocus 3 for iOS (this was added in v3.4). Couple of things to note about this:

  • The Completed field will only appear after an item is completed
  • The Completed isn’t one of the default fields that is shown so you will need to tap Show More at the bottom of the Inspector to see it along with any other fields that are hidden by default
  • If you wish to have the Completed field show up by default (when an item is completed), then you can tap Customize Inspector, and reposition the Completed field to be something that is always shown.