OmniFocus 3 for OS is a delight

I’ve spent the last week converting my task list to OmniFocus 3 (with some help from David Sparks’ Field Guide). The OmniGroup knocked this one out of the park. The UI easily competes, in my opinion, beats that of Things. The colors are beautiful and simple. The tags open up many possibilities. The perspectives are incredible–more powerful and easier to use. Note: take a look at the “Mission Critical” chapter of the field guide at about 2:43 for a great explanation of “conditional, conditional” perspectives. According to David, this is pretty common for OS stuff, but it was new to me – and really helpful for a few of my perspectives.


The Field Guide is a great way to start diving in head-first into the OmniFocus waters. Be sure to check out some of the other offerings from @timstringer’s and @Kourosh’s The Sparks field guide is the first one out the door with the other two coming out in the very near future.

I’m sure you’ll see blog articles from other people about how they use OF3.

Things 3 is still an excellent app for many who find OF3 a bit harder to grasp. So there’s still love all around for other task managers.

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I used Tim Stringer’s consulting services for a bit and they were quite helpful. I’ve tried things off and on over the years but I actually find OmniFocus to be easier to follow with perhaps a little longer learning curve.

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