OmniFocus 4 has been released

Does anyone know when OF 4 will be released? I understand it has the interactive widgets for Sonoma, and I want them!

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They haven’t said, but they did release another TestFlight yesterday. 10/5/23

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There’s been no date released, but the way they talk about it, it’s quite a way off.

You can join the TestFlight though. It’ll interoperate with OF 3 while OF 4 is still in beta.

They aren’t letting new testers in because it’s almost full of active users and they need the remaining slots to ship 4.0.

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Are they waiting until 4 to add interactive widgets or might they add them in a point release to 3?

They’re waiting until OmniFocus 4.

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I’m both excited and cautious about OF 4. I’m using OF 3 now because it doesn’t require a subscription and it has the “repeat after completion” feature for recurring tasks.

Hopefully that upgrade is a OTP and not a subscription model.

I believe they’re offering both one-time purchase and subscriptions.


They’re on record as saying that OF will be offered via both licensing options.


Whew! That is a relief to hear.

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I’m an OF user since v1, but I’m not that interested in v4.

I want two things:

  • A graphical overview of you projects and actions.
  • Possible to co-work on the same project.

I haven’t heard that any of it is coming to v4, but I may be mistaken?

In support, here is the link to one of the records of Ken Case stating this:

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Ken Case has said that collaboration is still on their ultimate road map. Version 4.0 is setting the app up for that, and other features, with its total rewrite and conversion to Swift. I’m primarily using OF 3 as my daily driver as OF 4 bugs get ironed out (beta!), but having used it a lot, it’s a really nice update.

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The TF is announcing its in the code freeze and launch phase now.

They aren’t quite to where they’re freezing code, but they’re talking confidently about shipping this month. I’m curious how long the stability & performance phase is going to be.

For me, 4’s in a nice place now that all the new keyboard shortcuts are coming back in. I haven’t tried 3 in several months, but I wouldn’t want to go back.

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How could they possibly get rid of the repeat after completion? Is this something you’ve seen or read about?

Repeat after completion is still there.
They only updated repeat logic for custom schedule after completion use cases.

Ok. Thanks for the clarification. Got scared for a minute.

Any news on when we’ll see OF4 in the wild?

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