OmniFocus add new action to active project

I am still new to OF3 on iOS. Previously I was able to open a project and create an action dire in that project. There used to be a little dot with a plus sign, and pressing that would create the new action in that project.

It seems that I cannot do this now. In all views, folders and projects, there is no other way of creating a new action except for the inbox.

Did something change with an update to OF3?

There is a plus sign on the other side (on the bottom left hand side), tapping this plus sign creates an action in current project.

On this project that icon does not display


As you can see, there is an icon to add a new folder. There is an icon to add a new project. There is an icon to add an action to the inbox. But nowhere is there a dot with a plus sign that allows me to add an action to the chosen project.

Sometimes I don’t understand how you guys use this software. It’s so unintuitive and I spend all my time trying to troubleshoot it and no time being productive. Isn’t that counter intuitive?

So the answer is that you’re inside a folder and as such OF can’t guess where you would want the task to be added. You can always drag and drop the new inbox item under a project or task to create a new task, and if you select the project in the sidebar you’ll get a plus in a circle icon in the bottom left instead of the new project or folder button.

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Hi Rosemary,

Yes I am not in a particular project, but it is not letting me get into some kind of “project view”. When I tap on the project it opens the project in the inspector but nowhere does it have the icon to add a task to that particular project.

Please see the following screenshot.

That’s the center view - the sidebar is on the left, though you’ve backed up to the main menu. If you select the project there the + button will appear.

Ah I see it now, thanks for your help. If I do have your attention a little longer: How do you do that thing where you make sub actions? I’ve seen some where there is an action and then there are actions indebted under that action. I can’t seem to figure out how to do that.

Please see the included screen shot:


You can drag the task onto its new parent task and to the right until the outline of the task indents slightly, and you can drop it there. Rinse and repeat.

When in the action inspector, use the button:


which will then give you a list of the actions in your current project that you can then select from to save the current task under.

Oh thank you, I really appreciate your help

Ah I see how that works, thank you very much for the explanation

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