Omnifocus link to Apple Notes - permissions issue?

I simply need to store a link to an Apple note in Omnifocus. In Apple notes I click on “add people to this note” icon and grab the URL from the email window. However if I try to go back to the Apple note in Omnifocus I get a permission issue: This note is unavailable. The owner stopped sharing, or you don’t have permission to open it. I am logged into to iCloud in Safari.

Perhaps this was a feature that worked in the past but not presently . Using Omnifocus ver 2.12.4 and OSX High Sierra 10.13.5.

It sounds like you didn’t actually complete the sharing process – you actually need to send an indication to an address – in this case your own – either as an iMessage or an email. Federico Viticci describes the process:

Here’s what I did: I shared every note I wanted to access more easily by adding my phone number as a collaborator. In a note, you can tap the collaboration button in the toolbar, select ‘Copy Link’ as an option, and then add yourself to the note. After doing this, you won’t see your profile picture in the list of collaborators, but you’ll have a unique link to the note available in your clipboard.

(shameless self promotion, I also wrote about it on my blog:

Great, thanks, I’ll try this.