Omnifocus Perspective Issue

Hi Folks,
While I feel like this worked in the past, I can no longer seem to get this to work. I have a custom “Upcoming” perspective that I use, that I would also like to add the “inbox” to. Whenever I option click to add an additional set of rules to the perspective, the “new” rule overrides everything else. Can anyone explain how I fix this. ? - Ideally I would get headings like shown in the screenshot, but with an inbox section at the top.

Many thanks in advance


Sorry if this is off base, but this will at least dump your inbox into that perspective. It’ll appear below as “no due date,” but it’ll be separate (unless you have inbox items with due dates.)

Thanks. I copied your layout yet it still ends with same result. I end up with zero items as the inbox and the upcoming undo each other. The only thing that is different from mine to yours is the the fact that my second rule group is not indented like yours (see arrows). How do I get it to do that ?. My rule group seems to be inline (which is probably the issue). I am option clicking for the new rule group, is there another way ?

Option click here, up one level, and you should create the group at the depth you want. Option-clicking always creates an immediate child of the row you clicked on (I think.)

Perfect, thanks so much