OmniFocus Subscription

Hello all, I got a pop up in OmniFocus for Mac to update to version 3.3, it says that with a $9.99/month subscription you will get the software for iOS, macOS, and Web, but I’m not interested in using Omnifocus on the Web. Also, I couldn’t find any other announcements from Omnigroup anywhere, not even in their twitter, support page, the main website, etc.

Any of you have heard anything about this? Do you think this is the end of the road for the paid version and now we will all need to get a subscription?


Omni has been very clear that the subscription option is an alternative to the ability to buy their apps and that they plan to continue offering the ability to pay up front.

We think our current licensing model meets a lot of needs, and we will continue to offer this model for licensing our apps: we prefer for customers to view our apps as an investment, not an expense.

Wonderful, thanks for the link @ChrisUpchurch I was hoping for something like that, I just couldn’t find it.

Regarding the “pop up”. As usual for OmniGroup apps, a window periodically opens suggesting, but not requiring, you update the software. The window lists what’s new in 3.3, and one of the “what’s new” items is a mention that 3.3 supports the new subscriptions. When one updates to 3.3, the app is silent about the subscription other than having a new command in the OmniFocus menu to log in (or find info about) the subscription if you have it.