OmniFocus Web Version

I see where OmniFocus is testing a web based version to make it more multi-platform. Currently it requires the iOS version of OF, and I have only the Mac version. This would be great for me, as I still have a PC on my office desk (waiting for one software holdout to go to the cloud) so having a web version would be awesome. Does anybody know when this will be released for users of the Mac version?

Presumably after OF 3 for Mac launches, which is scheduled for 24 Sept.

It requires you to have OF3 on at least one platform. I’m one of the early beta testers and it’s great!


Thanks for the bonus info on the release date for OF3. I plan on getting it!

Thanks, Rose! That explains why it requires OF for iOS; it needs Version 3!

Question: will it require a separate license or will it be “free” if you have OF 3 for Mac or iOS?

It was my impression that it was free if you had a license for Mac or iOS.

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According to their roadmap it’ll be an additional subscription: Omni Roadmap 2018.

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Can’t say that I like that, in light of the very limited functionality that they describe! “t won’t have custom perspectives or notifications or maps. It won’t have Review. It won’t let you set up new repeating tasks (though it will correctly handle repeating tasks that are already set up). You’ll be able to see the lists of tasks in your Inbox, Projects, and Tags, with their associated notes and due dates. You’ll be able to edit basic information about those tasks (checking them off, assigning a due date, changing a title or note) and of course you’ll be able to add new tasks.”

Unless it is something like $3/mo. (in keeping with the $39.99 price of the basic OF), I think I’ll wait until I get a Mac in my office.

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This is just the beginning. Omni needs to lay down the infrastructure (basic interface features) first and then gauge the response. If there is good feedback and a hunger for more, I’m sure they’ll slowly add more.

Building a web app isn’t as easy as opening up a Squarespace web account. There’s a lot more behind-the-scenes.

It took Apple multiple tries to get up to iCloud. Meanwhile, Dropbox was already an established presence. People grinned their teeth that iCloud had a lot of catching up to do to meet the lofty standards that Dropbox established.

It will take time to get a more powerful version of OF3 Web. If there was OF3 for web standalone, I can safely assume it won’t be $3/month. Todoist is probably the big giant in the task management web app world. It’ll take time to even get there.

We might just get web APIs to connect with more apps such as ITTT or Zapier.

Patience is the main word now. I don’t see a Things Cloud or 2Do Cloud. OF3 for Web will be a first step into the web app world.

Understood. It does take quite a bit of resources to build a web app. But what I am talking about here is value as perceived by the market. If people are using the web version as their sole app, then that’s one thing. However, if they already have a Mac or iOS version of OF that they paid for, asking them to pay more than $3/mo. for something with less functionality than the basic version for Mac/iOS that they already have, then I think that’s overreaching.

Now, if the OmniGroup moved towards a web platform overall, with the functionality of OF Pro, then I can see that. I know it would take time to get there (and in that I see your point); I am just skeptical that the market will see value in it in the meantime past $3/mo.

It seems pretty premature to discuss “value for money” when they haven’t even announced pricing yet.


Agreed. They may come in at a $3/mo. price point, they might not. We won’t know the answer to that question until they list their pricing. I guess I was just trying to make a point about how any company (mine included) must balance the cost of production (R&D, etc,) with “what the market will bear” and build value to the buyer to get them to that price point (something I struggle with every day).

I guess I am also tipping my hand about where I see value, and it may well not be where others see it. I tend to be rather frugal! :slight_smile:

Received the invite for OF web today. First impressions.

  1. It’s a web app. Looks like OF 3 but less refined.
  2. As OmniGroup points out, not all things are working. Early days.
  3. Only a few perspectives are available (Projects, Tags) plus Inbox – no personal perspectives. No Forecast perspective. Yet. Early days.
  4. It’s slow – feels like its running on an old server stashed in someone’s basement – which of course it isn’t. No doubt cloud capacity is something Omni will be working on.
  5. Nothing is configurable. Early days.

I would consider using it on my work-required Windows 10 machine. But I would never pay for it. My phone is with me always anyway.