OmniFocus Widget in Big Sur

I know I am late to the game, but I just upgraded my home Mac Mini from Catalina to Big Sur. Am I the only one hating the OF widget? In Catalina, I was able to pull out the widget, no matter what Space I was on, and look at my tasks and mark them Done. Now, all I get to do is look at the list of pending tasks and then switch to the Space with the OmniFocus app to mark the task completed. Is this a function of Big Sur or how OF wrote the widget? I am hoping that this feature gets added, but it has been months since Big Sur’s release, and it is still what it is.

It’s a shame because I actually like the other features of BS (unfortunate abbreviation), but now I’m hesitant to upgrade my office Mac and have to change workflows.

All widgets are now static views akin to Watch complications. It’s not the Omni group’s fault, it’s Apple’s design for all apps.

That sucks!! That feature was really very useful! Maybe OF can put something in the menu bar that accomplishes what I want. I live in hope!!

It looks like I will have to adapt to this change in macOS in order to move forward (and I do love other features of Big Sur). Does anyone have any ideas for alternative workflows? I use Spaces extensively in my practice, with OmniFocus and Calendar side by side on Desktop 1. I have at least 4 Spaces going at any one time. I want access to my OmniFocus Task List without having to switch Spaces to see it and, more importantly, check off completed items. Any workarounds? Thanks!

Perhaps configure OF to appear on all desktops?

Not sure if that would work for me, as the idea behind the different Spaces is to have enough room for the app windows I am working on so I stay focused. I could put the OF Space on a separate monitor display, but I don’t have enough room on my desk! :frowning:

One of the things that the pre-Big Sur widget did was show tasks that had passed their Defer Date. They have no Due Date, so they don’t show up as Overdue in Forecast. Is there a setting for a Perspective that would show me tasks that have passed their Defer Date, so I can make sure they get done and don’t slip through the cracks?

“available” plus “has a defer date” should get you that. You could nest this “all of the following” block under an “any of the following” to show other kinds of tasks in the widget perspective in addition to the recently deferred.

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Thanks! I used “First Available” instead of “Available,” and the past due tasks appeared at the top. Good to go!

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