OmniFocus widgets in TestFlight

What does everyone think?

Personally I don’t use the Forecast view (I have my own Perspectives) and the New Inbox Item is a lot of real estate that you can achieve with a simple shortcut taking up a quarter of the space.

Would love to hear other people’s view!

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Can you include an image? I’m not using TestFlight.

Sure. Here they are. These are still WIP.


Thanks. These are fine but I’d like the top and lower right ones to have the ability to click to add an inbox item.

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They are ok. Waiting to see what else they put out. No large widgets so far.

I will play with these - being on the TestFlight beta but I’d observe the large Forecast view buys me little over my triple back tap to see Forecast view or a launch of Forecast.

For me I want to see Today laid out rather than just counts.

I… am not convinced by these at all.
Is there a configurable task list somewhere? I hope there is.
I am honestly underwhelmed by the widgets I’ve seen so far. So less powerful than the today widgets. I was hoping for a lot and almost everything turns out meh.

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The mid-size OF widget is of no significant value. It is a display without configuration options. What is displayed is a sub-set of what is available by clicking on the OF app itself.

The Drafts mid-size widget is a much better example of what is possible. No wasted space with labeling. Eight different tappable locations. Each location can be set to a workspace or action providing a large degree of functional flexibility.

Imagine an OF widget with eight “hot” locations – each giving one-tap access to your choice of project or perspective.

The only upside is the Omni says that they will be releasing more widgets. They would do well to study how Drafts has implemented this capability.


These don’t work for me at all.

  • I never use the forecast view. All my due tasks are auto imported into my calendar by an Applescript and updated every 30 minutes or so.
  • The add to inbox takes up way too much real estate. I know it’s the limitations of the widget architecture, but this can be easier accomplished through shortcuts.

I agree with @bjb about the drafts widget: would be great to put in a widget that would let me navigate to a perspective. Would free up 8 slots in my shortcut widgets :slight_smile:

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I hope more widgets are coming. These don’t seem like what people want.

I wonder if the issue is that something like an auto-generated widget for each perspective would be useful, but they can’t or won’t do that, so they are left with displaying peripheral information or generic task views.


I believe modern (iOS 14) widgets open the app for input. The widgets themselves do not accept input directly. Some developers continue to support both the legacy widgets that accept input and the iOS 14 widgets that do not.

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Agreed. What I’m hoping for is that if you click the “Today” portion of a widget that you go to the Today perspective in OF. Likewise, if you could click “New Task” (assuming they would add it to the ones not currently showing it) it would open a new task window in OF. I’m not expecting an “interactive” widget given iOS 14 limitations but I would like to click an area in the widget and be taken to the corresponding area IN OF. Otherwise, I’m not seeing a value in these widgets.

I’m looking for a bit more here, too, but one suggestion is to stack the small forecast and inbox widgets. It saves space with 2 caveats; 1) as mentioned elsewhere the inbox widget isn’t as powerful as a well written shortcut and 2) this won’t help if you don’t use the forecast perspective.

In fact, now that I think about it there isn’t much more information then if you just left the OmniFocus icon on your screen with badges turned on. And long-pressing gets you more options.

But, then again this is beta. And the first version of iOS that allows widgets. And they do look nice…

Exactly. I’m not seeing a benefit yet of the OmniFocus widget but I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

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I also hope, but have been nothing but disappointed over the past few years

Obviously widgets are new so I’m curious if there are others issues with OF that have caused disappointed. I ask because I vacillated for a while between Things and OF but have settled on OF.

My main disappointment is the use of OF on the iPad, my main device for work and play. They’ve promised better keyboard shortcuts at the end of 2018, again 2019, and probably still end 2020. It’s just not happening.

I’ve tried Things 3 on the iPad and that makes optimal use of shortcuts. You can fly through the interface without taking your hands off the keyboard. My thinking at the moment is that I’m probably not going to move to OF4 if they release that, but will then transition into Things 3


Things have managed to figure it out.


@JKoopmans I too use my iPad extensively so I have experimented with Things 3. I like it a lot.

But, there are four missing features that keep me in OF: 1) Lack of customizable perspectives, 2) Inability to nest folders more than one level deep, 3) You can’t complete a repeating task early, and 4) Lack of a Review feature like in OF. A Review feature is not necessary for doing a review but it makes it much easier with the ability to set review times based on project, e.g., some every week, some every month, etc.

Have you not found those to be important missing features in Things? Here is a screenshot of my OF perspectives:

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Oh yes I have, but I’ve been running into the brick wall that is “touch only” with OF too much lately.

As for the review; I’ve actually gone paper only for that. I have a Midory travelers notebook that serves me very well for all my review needs…
I found that the secret to the weekly review is to switch off, and truly reflect on what I want and the goals I’ve set.

In this time of working from home and constant stimuli the old school coffee and a notebook brings some much needed sanity to my life.