OmniFocus3: Screwed Up Completed Perspective

In fiddling around with OF3, I managed to screw up the view options on the Completed Perspective, and now I can’t get them back. No longer shows completed tasks. Can anyone tell me what all the settings are, so I can fix it? Thanks!

This is what I have – out of the box, since I never use this Perspective:


Thanks! That’s what I have set for Filters, but what about Presentation (Group By & Sort By)? I thought resetting the filters would help, but no go!

Sure. Here’s the rest.

FWIW, I’ve had issues in OF3 with a custom Perspective not displaying anything after I tweaked it and then restored the original settings. Maybe a bug? I don’t know. What I did was create a new Perspective with the original settings from the non-working Perspective, and the new Perspective worked. I just deleted the non-working Perspective and renamed the new Perspective.


and the Layout from OF3 Preferences


I think you’re right; it is a bug. I reset everything, and still it doesn’t work. Time to Nuke and Pave! Thanks!