OmniGraffle alternative

Hi all!

I’m hoping for some guidance/recommendations from you wonderful people.

I’m looking for an alternative to OmniGraffle.

My needs:

  1. I would like a piece of software to produce simple family trees (specialist family tree software is far too complex for my needs. Basically, I just need to produce them very occasionally for work)
  2. I would also like to use it to prepare organisational diagrams and diagrams explaining certain concepts for work.
  3. My use need isn’t terribly complex, quite literally boxes, linking arrows in different directions and the ability to group different parts of the diagram together.
  4. I don’t need a MindMapping tool. Nor have any of the MindMapping tools I’ve looked at (MindNode, iThoughtsX) been able to adequately produce a family tree, as two parent nodes can’t produce a child node (no pun intended), rather one parent node produces many child nodes. Great for MindMapping, not so great for organisational charts etc.

I’m not a huge fan of the Omni group’s software, hence my desire not to use OmniGraffle. Having struggled for a while with OmniFocus, I’m not keen to dive into another one of their products. I also find their pricing plan prohibitively expensive.

Wish list:

  1. App not web-based.
  2. Export to PDF.
  3. Mac native, if possible, but not essential.
  4. Preference for one time purchase, as I’m trying to minimise my subscriptions, but would consider a subscription if price ok.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

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This is a web app, but there is also a downloadable app (which I expect is Electron). It’s very capable and, I find, reasonably intuitive.

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Have a look at freeware which has received some favourable comment.

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Note that these two suggestions are in fact the same thing. Name changes are fun!

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Well, if it’s recommended by two, it’s certainly worth a look! Thanks both.

I think Diagrams on the app store meets all of your criteria.

When I was searching for an app I came across Flowchart Designer which is available on all three platforms (Mac, iOS, iPadOS) and it is enough for my simple needs to quickly create some diagrams and charts. Maybe worth a look?!


have you tried MyDraw , it is $4 in

Scapple, from the folks who make Scrivener, is a very versatile app.

It’s free form, so may take a little more work to make any one kind of diagram (family tree, org chart), but also can do all of them with a little effort.

I also find it much more useful for brainstorming than any mind mapping app I’ve tried.


Same. I love it and use it in a similar way that people use concepts, but with a keyboard and mouse, not a pencil.

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I was going to suggest Grafio by Ten Touch Tools but I see you wanted a Mac app and this is iOS-only for creation, with a viewer app for Mac. Shame, as it’d be brilliant for what you describe.

If your needs are that simple and you have powerpoint from work their smart art section might have what you are looking for. Certainly for org charts it is very easy, and for simple flow charts and diagrams can work really well.

(edit the YT video link seemed way to big)

Can’t you do all of that in Keynote???
I use Keynote for diagrams and simple graphics all the time.

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This is a great piece of software. I has really hit the sweet spot between the complexity of omnigraffle and some of the more simple solutions.




Thanks for this. Just got it for $9 and it’s nice! Also Visio compatible.

Keynote would be my first stop as well. It’s a great little diagramming and vector design tool, and there are a decent amount of pre-made stickers and starter UX elements out there.

Keynote essentially replaced Fireworks until Sketch/XD got going.