OmniOutliner Pro for Mac AND iOS?

I’m a student, and enjoy taking notes in OmniOutliner. I like that I can organize my notes while reading, and can also create a next level outline for any writing assignment to gather my thoughts before opening Office 365.

I bought the OmniOutliner Pro version for my iMac and MacBook, and am wondering if I should do the same for my iOS devices?

Does anyone have any feedback based on their own experiences using OmniOutliner Pro (or perhaps Pro on one, and Essentials on the other) on both Mac and iOS?

I run OmniOutliner on both Mac and iPad, though I’m not a real heavy user. I use the OmniSync service and outlines go back and forth pretty seamlessly.

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The main advantages are the seamless syncing with the Mac files, and the Pro features. Depends on how much you intend to use the app and Pro features on iOS - if the answer is ‘not much’ I believe you can simply save .ooutline files to Dropbox etc and open them in the unlocked Essentials iOS app.

Omni can give student discounts for the Mac app through its own site, but they can’t do the same for apps bought in the App Stores … so no discount on iOS apps (unless your school has a site license).

I have Essentials/iOS and find I don’t use it much on my iPhone, but if I had a large-screen iPad that would probably change.

For a couple years as a student, I used OmniOutliner as a place to put study guides. I would write (and rewrite and rewite…) my notes until I had them in compressed outline/study guides. Then, I would put those outlines in OmniOutliner on my Mac, which as @bowline mentioned, syncs directly over omniserver to my iOS devices. It was a great way to study on the go, especially for midterms and finals when my outlines would be a stack of half-inch thick paper.

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Thanks everyone. I bought OmniOutliner Pro for my iPhone 8 Plus and used it to take notes for my sociology class today while I was out waiting for my wife at an appointment. The book is on my Kindle, so being able to go virtually paperless is great!

I did set up OmniPresence for syncing to my iMac and it’s working great so far.

@bowline, I did take advantage of the student discount which was helpful. I am in the market for a new MacBook Air and I will have to remember to use Apple’s discount as well.

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Best of luck. (And I think you’ll end up loving the new TouchID-enhanced MBA!) I like, but don’t love, OmniOutliner. After all these years it still lacks global search across documents, and there’s still no URL scheme support for linking to other apps or web sites, and the UI is funkier than it probably should be. That said, it’s probably the best Mac outlining app sold.