On the question of blogging - Sucuri

I have wound up with subscriptions to Sucuri.

The first one was taken out when my blog got hacked and I needed to get malware cleaned up. I think it is called Website Monitoring.

The second one is called Website Firewall, I think. All traffic to my blog goes to some Sucuri site for scanning etc.

I think Jetpack (for Wordpress) now provides a similar functionality. I am wondering if the Jetpack one “is any good” or, in other words, if I can drop the Sucuri subscription?

If you’re running your traffic through Sucuri before it reaches your Wordpress site, Jetpack isn’t as good.

However, if you’ve fixed the insecure plugins/themes since the attack, you probably don’t need the Sucuri firewall level of protection anymore. When I managed a lot of potentially insecure Wordpress sites I just paid for a manual cleanup from Sucuri when one had an issue, and that worked pretty well and saved a lot of money.

Another good option is putting free Cloudflare in front of your site and using Jetpack or Wordfence for monitoring on the Wordpress installation. While Cloudflare isn’t as powerful as Sucuri at protecting Wordpress sites in particular, it stops most malicious traffic and (IMO) has more general benefits than Sucuri’s product. You’d need to manage your DNS at Cloudflare to do this.


That was very helpful.