One camera, two video recordings?

I know that I can have one audio input go to two places using Audio Hijack on the Mac.

For example, I can have my audio go from my microphone to an MP3 and to Zoom, so I get a “clean” copy of my audio.

However, what I’m wondering is if the same thing is possible with video.

Here’s why: I want to record myself and I want to send that same image to Zoom.

(Yes, I know Zoom can record its video, but I have found the quality and reliability poor.)

Any ideas would be welcome.

Update #1

I tried recording myself using QuickTime and using the “Share Screen” feature in Zoom to share QuickTime’s window over Zoom, and that did not work at all. Fans went full blast, CPU went sky high, and the video still froze.

Hm. Loom does camera-only recording. (They’re also providing free Pro use to academics during the Pandemic.)

I imagine performance is going to be tough, though, no matter what.

To capture the native video (and audio), you could try using ScreenFlow. You can specify a lower capture resolution to help reduce the size of the file.

In this example, I have a 4K webcam and have chosen to capture the video at 720p.

If you haven’t already, you might also consider experimenting with Zoom’s cloud recording options.

Specifically, go to the Recording Settings on the Zoom website and check the options to record the “Active speaker” and “Gallery view”.

This won’t give you the same quality as a native recording, but it’s better than what you would typically get with a local recording (especially if you’re using screen sharing) and I find it handy having multiple files to work with.

I hope this helps!