One Drive Help (Mac)

Hi everyone -

MacBook Pro that I use for personal and work tasks. One Drive app installed and two accounts going: Personal and Work. A month or so ago the Work account threw back an error after months of no issues. “Can’t upload files - sync issues”. I saw these before if someone sent me files that had characters in them that were not allowed but a simple find and replace would solve. However, this doesn’t appear to be the case this time around - I’ve got 25 errors and there doesn’t seem to be any issue with the file names.


Is this a work-owned computer? If it is work-owned, it likely has device-management software on it which could permit storage to the work account (something like Microsoft Intune).

If it is a personal machine, work might have locked-down accessing/saving files from non-managed devices.

Have you tried moving the files that couldn’t be uploaded from OneDrive? If it then syncs successfully, I would try adding the I removed back to OneDrive one-by-one until I find the file that was the original cause.

A guy in my office had the same issue. I ended up having to deactivate the one drive account, install an update that was released, and resync the folder. it meant he lost all his changes, so I made sure to back up the current revision of his folder before deactivation. He had to redo all of his changes manually.

rename the files without special characters (Ie onedrive appears to take everything thats not a to z or 1 to 0 as special - its useless - compressing your stuff in an archive helps but just makes the process more laborious

Here’s what I did to solve this issue:

  1. Microsoft has a list of the invalid file name characters, Google “invalid file name” AND “OneDrive”. For Office 365 it is: " * : < > ? / \ | Spaces at the start of a file name are also forbidden.
  2. Go to finder and search your files that for one of the forbidden characters
  3. Select al of the files in the search window
  4. In that search window, in the top bar, click on “Action” and pull down to “Rename # items”, where # will be the number of selected files
  5. There are Replace text as well as Add text functions, which you can use to clean up the file name.
  6. Repeat for each of the forbidden characters

This method is not perfect and there will be a few potholes, but simpler than some of the suggestions I’ve seen to use terminal commands and such.

Although not a perfect solution - you can compress the files and upload them to one drive - favourite file anomalies seem to emanate from calendars / reminders / contacts - so if your in the habit of backing these up , compress them before you save them to one drive :slight_smile: