One handed keyboard?

Shahid was on MPU before, and due to some recent surgery he needs a one handed keyboard (for his right hand), do you know of any affordable ones? He’s in the UK.

The Keyboardio is highly configurable, and I would think someone has created a half-QWERTY layout, or similar. There are also one-hand layouts for Dvorak and others. I would check in with their community, and see what others have done.

If you’re going to be down for a couple of days, it might not be worth learning a new layout, and using a flat Apple keyboard to hunt and peck might be the best option.

I’ll start by saying that I have approximately zero helpful suggestions for one handed keyboards.

But on iOS I have been experimenting with a only shortcuts driven experience, and it can do a surprising amount.

Thinking about the various jobs I have done and many of the people I see working it would be possible in MacOS to build an almost entirely macro driven computer, from launching everything to typing and program operating. The issue I have with doing such a thing is the time it would take to grow accustomed to the cognitive load of all the mappings.