OneDrive as a Home for Plaintext on IOS

I am trying to do something which I guess is not super common in the Mac world – make OneDrive my home in the cloud.

The thing that I am struggling with is a workflow for plaintext files. It seems clear that I can’t really make Obsidian on IOS work with this – but I hoped that I could at least use Obsidian on my Mac and then successfully create and edit files on my IOS device.

I also don’t want to authorize a 3rd party app to read all of my OneDrive.

It seems like I can use Pretext or Kodex to edit my existing text files in one drive just by opening them in the app.

However, creating is a little bit clunky. This is the only reliable way I have found:

  1. Use Drafts to create a note.
  2. Select one (or more notes) and choose operations
  3. Choose Export
  4. Choose Text
  5. Choose OneDrive from the action sheet
  6. Trash/Archive the note(s) from Drafts

This works but I sure wish it was simpler. Anyone have any ideas?

In a perfect system, I could hit a shortcut, type in a note, and tap save and have it go into my onedrive in a predefined folder.

You could use Hazel on your Mac to move/copy files from iCloud to OneDrive?

1Writer allows you to specify external folders as a bookmark and that seems to work for me. It’s still not as straight forward and easy as relying on iCloud or Dropbox however. :slightly_frowning_face:

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I have achieved your end goal but with different tools on iOS that can integrate with Shortcuts actions.

I use a Free Dropbox account that has only my text files (.md) for use with obsidian (Mac & windows laptops) and 1Writer on iOS (iPhone & iPad). I use Dropbox because 1Writer supports it (don’t think it supports OneDrive).

As .md files are so small I can’t envisage I’ll ever have an issue with space even on the free Dropbox tier.

1Writer doesn’t have a lot of the obsidian magic but for creating amending and cross linking notes it works great

Edit: sorry I see now you want to do this directly on the Mac/iOS file system - sorry that’s above my pay-grade :joy:

For my use case I need to go directly to OneDrive and not sync through another service. Thanks!

So, I looked at this – “add folder” in 1Writer, but my OneDrive is listed there but grayed out/disabled. It’s a business account, I wonder if there are some permissions that are lacking somehow? I wasn’t able to set it as a favorite / add it as a folder.

I’m specifically trying to use OneDrive on IOS. Thanks!

It looks like 1Writer lets you edit files in onedrive - if you open them from within 1writer – but i cannot find a way to create them in 1writer and store them in onedrive

Drafts has own action step called “OneDrive”. There you can specify path where you want to save your notes.

Have you been able to set your default folder in the settings to OneDrive?

Reading your comment above- I had a similar issue with my personal Dropbox folder being greyed out whilst I had 2 Dropbox accounts connected to my iOS devices. I logged out of my work account then found I could connect the folder when it was the only account available. Logging back into the 2nd account was fine and it remembered the right one- hopefully may help.

Fellow Mac/iOS & OneDrive user here. OneDrive doesn’t have proper support for folder bookmarks on iOS, unlike Dropbox/iCloud. Best solution I’ve found is to drop OneDrive and use Git. I think you might be able to build a shortcut to interact with the OneDrive API but haven’t tried it.

Sorry, I’ve just checked and I can’t add to favourites, however, I can browse to it using the Open Other folder and then browse to the correct location. This is also on a work based OneDrive, so assuming that if ups can access via the OneDrive app and the Files app, you should be ready to go.

RDK, thanks – I saw that, but that requires me to authorize Drafts to my entire OneDrive. I wanted to avoid that:

I also don’t want to authorize a 3rd party app to read all of my OneDrive.

So I was hoping I could find a way through the Files system on the phone.

I realize that is a unique requirement, but I guess for most people this is probably the answer.