Online Calendar Scheduling Solution?

What I need: I need the functionality of Doodle group scheduling, but they don’t have true iCloud integration (as of now it’s one-way Doodle to iCloud). This means I can’t post my default calendar online showing when I’m available to schedule a meeting, and show which times are already booked.

I like that Calendly has true bidirectional iCloud sync, but there is no group meeting scheduling/polling, which I often need.

What I’ve found/tried: I’ve tried looking for ways to sync my primary Apple calendar with an available Office365 calendar, then linking Office365 to Doodle, but haven’t found a good solution. SyncMate might work (any reviews/impressions?).

Wild Guesses: Is there a hacky way to sync an Office365 calendar with an iCloud calendar, like running some kind of iPad Shortcut automatically? Maybe an Applescript, or Keyboard Maestro macro? I run more KM macros than I can count so that would be welcome. I tried IFTTT but like most of my attempts over there, nothing ever happens.

Nobody cares: There was an old thread related to this question but it’s been a while and that particular need was slightly different. Some people don’t like resurrecting an old thread so I thought I’d start a fresh one.

Seriously, nobody cares: I call this a goldilocks problem. Acknowledged. “Suck it up buttercup” is an acceptable response.

Do you mean to sync iCloud calendar to Google Calendar, and then Google to the online service? I stopped using Google as much as possible a while ago (personal reasons) but it’s still available if those two sync well.

Oh, because I’ve moved all my primary email and many repeating appointments to the Apple ecosystem and moving everything back again to an outside vendor (be that Microsoft, Google, CalDAV, etc) isn’t worth the hassle unless it’s an automatic sync. The linked calendar for the online service can’t be new or arbitrary – that service has to know what times are actually busy/open, and my real appointments already live in the iCloud calendar. If I make a blank Google calendar for sync, it won’t help. As far as it knows, I’m always available night or day.

Would Fantastical 3’s “Proposed Events” be a solution?

Looked interesting so I checked into it, thanks. Doesn’t look like it would work well with a large group.

Looks like I’m just too picky. Thanks for the suggestions, all.

This is one area where GSuite’s Google Calendar rules - You can easily Create > Appointment Slots wherever you see open times in your day to create appointment times users can book. It creates an appointment-page calendar-view which only shows the appointment slots, which visitors can click on to book. (You can even embed this appointment page to your own website or subdomain.) Once a time is filled in others cannot book it. Appointment slots show up in GC in their own color with a grid symbol in the corner. You can set up and share appointment slots, add others to appointments yourself, or invite others to book appointments.

I don’t know if you can subscribe to your own appointment calendar in another calendar app, but you can go the other way and subscribe to Apple Calendars in GC, showing your Apple Calendar events in GC to make it easy to find and employ GC appointment slots.