Online forum for Wordpress and WooCommerce?

Is anyone famaliar with online forums about Wordpress and WooCommerce - seperate or in one forum?

I follow a few groups on FB that are about WP but have derived little value from them. I’m not aware of a forum/community such as this however I’d be interested in learning/joining one if you find anything! I used to dev WP sites but have scaled back, but am always up for learning more tips/tricks for my own site!

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I am not but see: WooCommerce Bug Exploited in Targeted WordPress Attacks - Infosecurity Magazine

This was patched but many sites are not up to date.

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What are you looking to do? The good plugins and frameworks often have their own forums, e.g. ACF and Roots. They’re more focused on solving problems than ideas.

I’m looking for a forum, similar to this excellent MPU forum, where one can post a query about Wordpress and WooCommerce, but mainly Wordpress, and receive a manyfold in-depth replies.

I’m curently in the process of building, with some help, a complex Wordpress site and WooCommerce store. So if I have any queries, I could post to this forum

Gotcha. I would probably try the official forums (in conjunction with reading the codex.) There are forums for each first-party plugin, too, like WooCommerce.

They don’t have the same flavor as MPU but the structure and heavy moderation makes them useful. They’re great for searching existing answers.

Keep an eye on Wordpress SE as well.

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My experience as a long-time WordPress user (and quite recent WooCommerce user) is that some plugin authors provide great support, some do not, and general questions in the official forums are a crapshoot. You might get no response at all, or if you’re lucky, someone telling you you’re trying to do the wrong thing without offering any actual help, or occasionally, very occasionally, a helpful answer.

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