Online games with friends

This is probably a really dumb question, or at least one that everyone else figured ten years ago, but my Google skills are failing me.
Is there a way to play online classic board or card games (e.g., Scrabble, Monopoly) with friends who are self-quarantined? All the stuff I’ve found allows you to play with random internet strangers, but I need a way to play with specific people.


For scrabble:


I used to play Scrabble with a friend over the net. Unfortunately, the Electronic Arts version is no more, and the latest developer has blinged the game up with gems and other crap.

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Nice to know the original is still available through

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I play Words with Friends with a number of people. Prefer it to Scrabble.

Last night, I tried out It worked fine. No help to get you started but it didn’t take long for us to figure it out. Mainly, if you create a room, you can kick people out so you can play with just the people you want.

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Although there’s also table top simulator on Steam too.

I’m sure the D&D people might have other ideas.

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I used this for a group of 12 people worked really well.

You create a custom game and share the private URL with players.

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