Online "Live" polling and Trello questions

Greetings Mac Power Users…

Three questions, the answer to the last one is probably Excel, but I don’t know how to do what I want yet…

  1. Are there better tools than Trello for Kanban boards, task tracking and polls for ranking list items (cards)?

  2. How the heck do I easily get useable data out of Trello? … I am not a JSON expert! – Looks like I can export to .csv only when there is one, simple column. If things get a tiny-bit more complex, .csv is grayed out and the only options left are printing to PDF and exporting to JSON.

  3. What tool should I have used for this simple task (described below; but the tl;dr is “A group brainstorms a list; then wants to rank order it by votes. People can vote for more than one, but not all.” … Oh, and now it’s via Zoom or other video conference platform!).

How many of your stories start out with, “All I wanted to do was…”? :roll_eyes:

This has come up several times now, once with no notice. The no-notice one is an ok example.

I was helping facilitate a group discussion for a charity’s board retreat.

They had a number of priorities to capture and then rank order by popular vote (“What do we care about the most?”).

I was capturing the list in Excel, because I wanted to put the total number of votes in the next column and then, hopefully do something cool. My computer was plugged into a projector and people could see the sheet on the screen, etc.

This is a fun exercise in the physical-only world: You can put all the topics up on a board, with each topic standing alone in its own column or box (with room) and give everyone 3 to 5 colored stickers and say, “Put your stickers where you want to vote!”

The number of stickers depends on the number of topics, etc.

I’d love anyone’s rule of thumb on # of stickers, 1/3 the number of topics, 1/2? – Is there a great formula, based on number of participants and number of topics?

For the time with one-week’s notice (and knowing I had to do this remotely), I looked at Zoom’s polling (some of the limitations ruled it out), I went through several ideas and settled on Trello. The bonus there is I can add everyone to the board’s team and people can vote without my involvement until the next meeting.

Trello isn’t the best answer for this project – Unless I’m missing a check-box/setting I didn’t see, Trello doesn’t move the cards around based on votes … I’d like it to move the cards (topics) with higher votes to the top. – Also, I don’t see a way to add incremental votes for people who are tech-shy (I can only vote for myself and not add two votes to a single topic/card for two other people).

I think the answer may be Excel; but I don’t know how to best make it do what I want here. I think Google Sheets has a way to build surveys and dump the answers into a sheet; but I don’t know if it does well with multiple answers for the same question.

Trying to avoid cell-phone text-based polling for this question; but am curious about any of those services you’ve used. Those can be fun sometimes and displayed “live” as the votes change. “What do we want for lunch? … Text “A” to 123445 for ‘Pizza’…” etc. and the answer shows up on the presenter’s screen as the poll answers roll in.

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Have you looked at the polling options in Doodle? It won’t “move cards” but it will give a tally of the number who vote for specific options.


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@DrJJWMac I haven’t looked at it. I heard they can do polls; but all their website talked about was calendar/meeting times. … Only searching for “Doodle poll” got me to the right spot – Will try it. Thanks!


P.S. I should drop a note to their marketing folks and let them know their main pages didn’t make it obvious that they can do polls! – I thought they might have in the past; but must have discontinued it(!).

Assuming you’re using the Trello Voting Power-Up, you are able to Sort cards in a list by votes (ascending or descending):

Not sure how you’d be able to vote on others’ behalf though.

What about an online whiteboard like Miro? Definitely more free-form which tends to make the learning curve steeper, but may be more flexible.

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Thanks @khit TOTALLY missed the ability to sort!!

Looked for it. As my dad would have said, “If that had been a snake, it would have bitten me.” … Doh! (on my part).

Thanks again!

P.S. Miro looks fun; might find a use for that too…

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