Online PDF Editor?

Can anyone recommend a good online PDF editor? My firm’s software is almost 100% cloud-based, but the one hole in our game for the Windows users is a good cloud-based PDF editor. It looks like there are many out there. Does anyone have experience with any?

It does not need to be free.

(If you didn’t guess, this is in response to a looming work from home scenario with the pandemic.)

I assume you mean software to annotate PDFs?

Acrobat Pro perhaps? It supports shared annotation. Not 100% online, but a combo of thick clients and sharing, plus the Adobe bone fides standing behind it.

You don’t list a budget. :man_shrugging:

Gold standard for business is Adobe Document Cloud. Pricing is $180/yr or $25/month per person for Adobe Acrobat which offers:

There are many competing editors that have desktop apps and cloud functionality. You can see some of them here.

Thanks quorm and bowline for the replies. I’m sharing this with the Windows users I mentioned in my initial post.

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