Online photo management that allows crowdsourcing descriptions?

A twist on the usual photo management inquiry: I’d like to make my albums accessible to family members only, and allow them to tag photos for better search/organization. I’ve become the unofficial family photo archivist but with so many thousands of photos, I have neither the time or the knowledge to be able to organize or tag the photos well. It would be very nice to have the older folk be able to share their memories with the younger generations before that info is lost forever. I’ve got many photos apparently significant to family history, but there’s no note on the back with the date, subject, location, etc.

I’ve tried the usual suspects like Google Photos and Flikr as well as Squarespace etc. but none seem to fit the bill. Flikr is close, but I think it’s a bit complicated and requires users to have an account. Not to be too “ageist” or anything, but I’ve got to make access as easy as possible for great-grandpa et al., while still retaining a modicum of privacy.

Any ideas, MPU people?

Have you looked into apple photos shared album?

from the page:

Dunno if it works with tags, anyway.

Or Adobe’s Lightroom galleries.

with both you might use comments instead of the tags for the info you need added

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I’d like to bump this conversation as I’m in need of a similar solution. I’m about to begin my tenure as family archivist and I the one element I’m unable to solve is the need for remote tagging. I am able to identify probably 80% of people in the photos I’m tagging, but the other 20% essentially only my grandfather will be able to identify, and he’s 95.

He’s capable of getting on an iPad and doing some basic technical tasks (I was able to teach him how to record audio into a microphone using his iPad and Apogee Metarecorder, for instance) but I can’t find an appropriate software solution for photo tagging remotely.