Open url without browser?

I use the Slack desktop app, and I often use the “copy messages URL” feature to add the links to my task manager. But when I click on the links, my browser opens first, and then it opens Slack. Is there an app or workflow someone would recommend that would let me skip the browser step?

I use an app called Open In (or OpenIn (or Openin)). If I click a link someplace that’s not a browser, OpenIn pops up a menu that lets me select the app I want to open it in. Maybe that would work for you too.

Slack linking is kind of weird. They have a deep link format, but it requires the workspace ID. You can only get the workspace ID from the regular browser URLs in the web app. If you copy a link from within Slack, it always uses the text subdomain (e.g. so an automatic redirecting app won’t have what it needs to rewrite the URL as a deep link.

So, only when you’re not using the Slack app you have all the information at hand to make deep links. :upside_down_face:

What you could do is make (or find) a shortcut that knows all your workspace IDs and builds deep links for you.

E.g., it would turn a link to a specific message like into slack://channel?team=AppleSlackWorkSpaceID&id=D03C2GN7BBM&ts=p1680312724680129

and a channel link like into slack://channel?team=AppleSlackWorkSpaceID&id=D03C2GN7BBM

You could hardcode the workspace ID, or use a dictionary or Data Jar to look up the right workspace based on the subdomain of the URL you’re sharing to it.

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Yeah, I just checked and OpenIn only understands Zoom for this. Slack and Teams aren’t supported :frowning:

If I’m reading your request right, Choosy should do the trick. I think anyway—I don’t use Slack and don’t have Choosy installed on this workstation (I use it mainly at work). But you can create pretty complex rules (screenshot from their website):


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I haven’t used Choosy for this exactly, but I have some pretty complex rules and it works beautifully. I forget it’s even there until I use someone else’s computer and suddenly all links open in just one browser