OpenAI Apps for Text Processing

Which Mac apps have you tried that enhance OpenAI experience on MacOS?

Good one:

ChatGPT for Mac

To try:

With Text Assistant, you can easily create your own prompts for your favorite use cases and quickly access them to turn your input into specific, targeted output. Whether you need to write a sales pitch, a blog post, or a letter to a loved one, Text Assistant has you covered.

MacGPT is a simple native app for macOS that allows users to quickly access chatGPT from their menu bar. With just a few clicks, you can open chatGPT and start chatting with the powerful language model, Assistant.

I’m using the ChatGPT plugin for Obsidian.

Can this plug-ins answer queries or summarize text?

ChatGPT’s most valuable features to me is its ability to remember input history, and having the context by accessing prior information. Not sure if there is any other app that has that functionality.

Yes. Obsidian becomes the interface. The ChatGPT replies go into your Obsidian note.