Opening Day with the Vision Pro

The MLB app was updated on opening day (yesterday) to show live games with their new 3D implementation of Gameday. It has this cool 3D view of home plate with the strike zone displayed as a color rectangle above it. When a pitch is thrown in the game, it shows where it crossed the plate in 3D and if it was called a strike, it will be marked red. But you can see if it is actually out of the strike zone and the umpire just missed the call.

There are also stats to the left and right of the video. You can also switch from the home plate view to another view that shows the defensive alignment of players. When they shift positions it shows the icons with the players number in a circle moving on the virtual field.

It is pretty glitchy, but hopefully this will get better over the season.

There was also an immersive MLS video that was released yesterday, and it was honestly one of the best tech experiences I’ve ever had.

IMO Apple’s focus on immersive sports viewing will be a huge selling point for Vision Pro for the general public.

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Where was this MLS footage? TV app?

I’m a big baseball fan, this sounds awesome!

Yup, it’s in the Apple TV app. It should be free to everyone with a Vision Pro, you don’t need to be subscribed to Apple TV+.

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