Opening mail minimised in Big Sur

hi MPUites
I recently upgraded from Mojave to Big Sur (managed to avoid Catalina altogether). In Mojave I could minimise the main Apple mail window so that when I opened the mail app it would still be minimised. This was ideal for dropping into mail to compose and send a message without seeing or getting caught up in the main mail window.
But, in Big Sur this ‘feature’ or possibility doesn’t exist. I can close the window or minimise it but when I reopen the app the main window is back (in all its inbox glory).
Any suggestions or workarounds?

(PS Yes, I can definitely write messages offline in, say, Drafts, but am talking about wanting also send them).

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I’m guessing that Apple considers this a ‘feature’.

The only workaround I could suggest would be to use Keyboard Maestro to close the main window of when it launches, but that’s hardly ideal.

I still want a “Send Only” email app which integrates with the macOS contacts, but does almost nothing else! I haven’t been able to find one ever since MailSmith stopped working (32-bit only).

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Thanks @tjluoma. A send only app (or part of an app) would be ideal.
Will tinker with KM possibilities.

I forgot to reply here, but reading this post sent me on a quest to solve the “Send Only” app problem, and I did:

It’s not quite as good as Mailsmith was (as I explain in the article) but it’s a very good option, IMO.


Thanks @tjluoma. Very interesting. I’m not sure it’s the right solution for me mostly because I’d want to send from different SMTP servers depending on what email account I’m using. It seems to add unnecessary complexity to what ought to be a simple problem to solve. But, so appreciate what you’ve written here.

I solved with a pretty simple Keyboard Maestro macro (that required a 2 sec pause!) that works well enough. Sigh.