Opening tab groups as part of automation?

I remember seeing a similar question on here back when Monterey was in beta, but I want to know if anybody has figured anything out. Basically, I’ve been building a lot of automation around focus modes and contexts, and one of the things that I would like to automatically happen when switching contexts is for Safari to automatically switch to a tab group. As a workaround, I’ve been using Keyboard Maestro to switch to Safari, open a new window, and then execute the keyboard shortcut (Cmd+Option+Arrow) to switch, but that seems super “hacky,” only sometimes works, and breaks every time I add a new tab group or something like that.

Ideally, I’d like to be able to open a bunch, or run a shortcut, or a keyboard maestro macro, or similar and open a specific tab group by name in a new safari window along with my other automations like window management, Timery, opening Omnifoucs perspective, etc.

I’ve wondered the same thing, but haven’t found a good solution. I wish these groups were targetable by Shortcuts.

…Maybe they can be addressed with AppleScript? hmm

Nope, sadly not. I wish!


Apologies if this is unrelated to tab groups, but keyboard maestro can open a specific folder of bookmarks as new tabs with

“open in new tabs” in safari >
Select menu in safari >
Submenu your bookmark folder >
Menu item: open in new tabs


Not tab groups, but that is another good workaround. Thanks!

You could create tab groups for what you need? You can put site addresses in more than one group.

Are tab groups surfaced in the menu bar at all?

There is a menu item to go to the next and previous tab group, but not a specific one by name.