Opinion of Postbox

The email client for Mac, Postbox, has dropped its prices during the current crisis. MacSparky has probably tried every email client there is. I’m looking at it again during the bargain pricing, and it really looks good. David & others: What’s your opinion of Postbox? Why do you like/dislike it?

I would love to use it, but it doesn’t offer a companion on iOS, so it’s a no go for me. Well-designed and very powerful, though. If you haven’t tried it before and the iOS bit doesn’t bother you, I recommend playing around with the free trial. If I recall correctly, it’s thirty days.

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I have also tried nearly every email client out there. I wanted to love Postbox but after a few days, even with each new update, it would slow down on me. I have settled on Mailmate but I liked the way that Postbox handled input into Evernote.

Long time Postbox user. And I like it.

It’s not perfect, but I think no e-mail application is, or even can be. What made me start using PB is its option to use IMAP tags. Apart from Mozilla Thunderbird, on which codebase PB is built, no other Mac e-mail client is offering that optin, AFAIK.
PB is quite stable. It hardly crashes, if ever. Has plenty of options for filtering and a reasonably okay UI.

I’ve tried to revert to Apple Mail or switch to MailMate, but ultimately returned to PB. Apple Mail is not offering every option I got used to with PB. And MailMate just didn’t click with me.

I used Postbox for many years and I liked it a lot. I stayed with it longer than any other mail client (I think). But over time I found that it was eating a lot of CPU. Every time I looked in activity monitor it was up near the top.

So about 18 months ago I started searching around for an alternative and after 3 or 4 tries I found mailmate and I like it a lot. And it integrates well with DEVONthink which I also switched to from Evernote a while back (this was not part of my decision but an added benefit).

I think postbox is a really good product, but I am enjoying Mailmate.

I’ve used Postbox for a number of years and have found it to be the best overall client. I got a lifetime license for $49 which i think was a bargain. I spent time using Sparkmail, Airmail Mailmate and Mail.app and find Postbox has done the best job of striking the right balance for a full featured mail app. As noted in other posts there is no iOS version but I generally only us iOS to triage mail.

I’m surprised and a bit disappointed David and Stephen didn’t include it in their recent review of email apps.

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